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Q: How are the field locations assigned?

A: We have softball fields located throughout Nassau and Suffolk County. All games are played on quality county, town and school fields. Many Suffolk fields are "fenced-in fields". If there is a specific geographic area that your team is from and want to play, you must make a note of it in the "special requests" question on the registration form. The earlier your team registers with the league, the better the chance of accommodating your request.

Q: What types of leagues are available?

A: Modified Pitch for adult men 18 and over. Women 18 and over are also eligible.

Q: What is the playoff format?

A: The top 50% of teams in a scheduling unit make the playoffs regardless of the number of teams per division. Summer league playoffs will be Shaughnessy style stacked 2 out of 3 series. Playoffs last 3 or 4 rounds depending on the size of the team population, usually 3 rounds in the B or 4 in the C. In Snowflake, 12 teams qualify out of some 25-30 for a single elimination playoff played on the last Sunday in October.

Q: Does the league supply softballs?

A: Yes! Each team will receive Dudley optic yellow SB12 raised seam cor .47 leather covered ball. 

Q: Does the league supply bases?

A: No. Both managers are responsible for providing bases. If you need bases, you can buy them direct from the league at a discount. See our Shop Online feature for great prices and FREE SHIPPING!

Q: How many players bat in the line-up?

A: You may choose among 4 batting order options: conventional, DH/DP, EH and cub rules (C only). Simultaneous use of DH’s and EH’s is not permitted. 

Q: What softball governing body Alliance Softball affiliated with?

A: We are a sanctioned ASA program (Amateur Softball Association).

Q: How many players do you need to avoid a forfeit?

A: 9

Q: How do I know if my bat is legal?

A: Please refer to the approved bat list posted on the website.

Q: How do the umpires get paid?

A: Each team pays the umpire $52.00 per doubleheader at the field.

Q: Are team jersey's required?

A: No. However, since nearly all teams wear some sort of team jersey it is highly recommended that your team wear them as well. You can easily purchase customized jerseys from the league office online. We offer great prices and FREE SHIPPING!

Q: How do I register my team for an upcoming league?

A: Please fill out the registration form and submit or send to the league office with deposit (as noted on the registration form). Prime time slots will sell out. Register early to guarantee your team's time slot! After you register, you will receive a confirmation email and your schedule, softballs, rulebooks, permits, field directions, etc. will be shipped to you (1) week prior to Opening Day.

Q: If my team needs a particular week off can you arrange it around the schedule?

A: Yes. All we need is for you to let us know the week you need off at time of registration (make a note in the "special requests" portion of the registration form). However, if you want a week off, there are no guarantees that the games will be made up. A makeup game will be scheduled if an opponent/location/field is available. You will not be penalized for any 'bye week' requested since teams qualify for the playoffs based upon 'winning percentage' regardless of the number of games played.

Q: I do not think I have enough players to form a team. Can you help?

A: Absolutely! Visit our renowned "Free Agent Player Profile" which will allow you to sign free agents from our database of individuals to fill the void in your line-up. Remember, our free agent list specializes in players who have signed up for modified. 

Q: Am I required to post a forfeit bond?

A: Each team is required to post a $80 forfeit bond upon first joining Alliance. Once your team posts a forfeit bond, you will not be asked to post another (unless your team forfeits). The forfeit bond will be carried over each season. If you exhaust your forfeit bond during the season, you will have to replenish it before playing another game.

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